Effective and organic anti ants

Effective and organic anti ants

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Although not very harmful to plants or to humans, ants very quickly become invasive when they have decided to take up residence ...

Some effective means exist to fight against these small insects.

Given the low damage they cause, it is strongly recommended to use organic means of control.

Anti-ant for the home

  • Install lemon slices near the anthill.
    The smell and acidity of the fruit bothers them and scares them away.
  • Use the juice of 1 or 2 lemons poured over their most frequent route.
  • Coffee grounds are also an effective bulwark that they are careful not to cross
  • The ants do not cross never a line drawn using a chalk.

As the ants tend to faithfully guard their way through a house, it is advisable to attract them outside with products that they particularly like, such as honey, jam, etc.

Natural repellents against ants

  • Same as for the house, the lemon is very effective.
    If they invade a tree, form a crown around the trunk with the slices of a lemon.
  • Plant mint in the most frequented places.
    They hate the smell that emanates from it and tend to walk away from it.
  • Also plant "tansy", Like lavender or even marigolds.
    These plants also have a repellent power against ants.
  • Thecoffee grounds is an excellent natural repellent against ants, to be used at the foot of plants without moderation.
  • Spreadsalt on and around the nest is also a good repellent.
  • If you have essential oils fromlavandin, put a few drops around the plantations to protect and you should move them away.
  • Finally, if you want to act quickly, buy an effective anti-ant in garden centers.

Smart tip about ant control

The fight against ants also involvesfight against aphids.
Indeed, they attract them thanks to the elements they secrete.

By avoiding the proliferation of aphids, you therefore avoid that of ants.

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